View From The Treetop



In what way

Should I ask for the end

Of a summer’s day

As the breeze flows along

The many varieties of trees

Surrounding me

Nature just moving about

And come what may

Waiting for what’s next

And to see what it’s all about

To reach pass despair

And coming towards life’s tests

Where I didn’t always prepare

Though carrying on with life

As if I’m the only one there

To start and end

This entire journey alone

With past memories in mind

As I listen to my favorite song

And just making some time

Allowing myself the opportunity

To simply fall in line

With the path laid out before me

As I continue to be curious

With further answers I seek

Hoping to obtain them all

When the time comes

And it will call when ready

Just have to keep my focus

And remain patient and steady

As the strong tree

That just continues to grow

And always show

Every branch by row

As the leaves on each one

Runs down it and flows

Hoping to climb to the top

And who knows

What I will see up there

When I find a place

To take a seat

Like being in a chair

Unlike any other

As the sun shines against

My head with no hair

And right then is where

I can see the entire world

From my own view

Just taking all the beauty in

As I had always planned to do

With a natural ambience

That just cannot be topped

While enjoying every minute

Of this view from the treetop


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