The Era of Man




And much needed correction

Since the very inception

Of whom we call man

Stealing lands

Murdering droves of other men

Destruction at its finest

And how vile this has been

He doesn’t seem to care or understand

War after war

Battle after battle

With everyone else caught in between

The crossfire of power struggles

Much gain for some

But many others suffer

So much evil done

And not even finished before supper

Claiming they’ve won

When in all actuality

Loss is at hand

And residing there

Treating so many inhumane

And calling it fair

Many animals caught in this web also

And barely leaving any left

Or making them solo

Those that attempted to do good works

Have been met with death many times over

Or have been publicly ruined and called insane

Forcing them to live undercover

For what little remains

Nearly erased from existence once

And given a second chance

But returned worse than before

Initiating more despicable acts

Than ever before

Too busy trying to settle scores

Instead welcoming another through the door

Where is he headed?

Where is this all going?

The trouble is growing and brewing

Like there is some kind of trophy at the end

That he believes he‘s pursuing

Competition where it should not be

Violence over peace

Laughing at harmony

And more deals to be made with money

He steadily continues to seek

No interest at all

In being the best that he can be

Because living and roaming this world

And it was truly setup and intended

Is nothing more than a dream

With a terrible and sarcastic ending

The downfall of his life

Firmly built in sand

Pulling everyone down

All around

The continuation of being vile is sound

With good acts having very little to no chance

This is the era of man


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