The Air We Breathe

Eco series: Poem 2 of 5




Riddle me this

As I look about with closed fists

How much longer are we

Going to persist and resist

On doing more harm than good

What is so difficult about this

That it seems to never be understood

As we pollute the air

It travels everywhere

Including to the rich and powerful

The poor and barely surviving

Too arrogant and just full of

Their own selves while thriving

That they purposely ignore

Or just chose something else

To believe in when we’re all diving

Into and affected by

The very same issues

Just because you don’t

Pull out a tissue and shed a tear

If you’re living on this Earth

Then you breathe the very same air

Floating around in our atmosphere

No one is exempt or excluded here

Or the exception to the rule

Because being a fool

Will take us no further

Than where we’re at

Right here and now

But yet somehow

The air is different

In your world

And on a different side of town

While only the toxic air hurls

Itself to everyone else

While you believe it’s not around

Supposedly protecting yourselves

And racking up the best score

To determine who will win

Again, and again

With the populace just playing for second

Time to push ignorance and vanity out the door

With a fresh new start

And then we can begin

Well here is your wakeup call

That same poisonous air

Affects us all

And is something that we all

Very much need indeed

Because we have to preserve

And proceed to keep clean

So that we no longer suffer from

The air that we breathe


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