A fiery style

Meant and built

To stay around for a while

And ignoring any objections

With me as the needle

And my poetry is the injection

Though at times be aggressive and interchange

And not limited by range

And arrange my words

So that they storm the gate

And will not perish

Poetry is meant to be

Savored and cherished

A poet that is wiry

Releasing intense wording

Right out of me

Some come here and revere

Each time a passage of writing

Comes close and near

Always reaching for much higher

With every intention of

My poetry being on fire

Searching and lurking

Readying itself to spread

In other directions

And different sections

Absorbed and flowing through

In and out of the bloodstream

And never runs out of steam

Yet classically clean and deems

To be further seen

Poised to outshine

And outdo self

Before anyone else can

Despite being woman or man

Words moving in reverse and then rewinds

Then goes forward and heads down

A very straight and specific line

For this style is mine


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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