Injection (Part 2)



To continue to grind

And a path that will find

Itself covering every section

Of the brain

And not go unchanged

For the fun and love of the art

And not turn deranged

Amassing many and placing them

In a literary can

And the plan is to land

Upon many grains of sand

Literary and strategic incursions

Lyrical and tactical insertions

Of my very own versions

A poetic battle with many influential fans

Under a constant poetical submersion

To grasp my work always

Upon many days

And may or may not

Fully understand that this man

Right here has no fear

Leaping all boundaries

As they appear

And headed towards the stratosphere

All of the hard work and thoughts

Put in for this to had occurred

Ingesting and digesting

Every single word

Poetry headed in every direction

With me as the needle

Because my poetry is for the people

And I call it the injection


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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