Eco Series: Poem 1 of 5




Vitally important to us all

And to our very existence

But oh, how quickly we are

To completely dismiss this

We are nature

And nature is us in many ways

Along with everything else that resides

On this Earth

Embraces us all from birth

But do we return the same favor

We certainly do not

We just move about this world

Like insensitive machines and robots

As we came and went

Without regarding at all

Our amazing environment

All around us each and everyday

Surrounding us in every way

Shape and form

Although not caring for it

And disregard has become the norm

Wasting valuable resources

Daily and nightly

And poisoning it constantly

And thinking that the Earth

Doesn’t feel these effects

But what would we do

If ever there was nothing left

Just get up and go

To a place that is somewhere else

Not going to happen

It will not be

And why can’t we see also

That we have solar for energy

Wind and water for energy

But instead we continue

To pump oil and frack

Placing our Earth

Under constant attack

Because the care that is truly needed

Is sorely lacked

The natural world as a whole

Is affected by much human activity

As more environmental disasters unfold

No matter what we’ve been shown or told

Continuing down a path with zero appreciation

Has seriously become old

And we need to be more diligent and bold

With our only home

That we live in and operate

Vast conditions happening

That are not up for a debate

As our love for it just came and went

We all could and need to do more

To protect and preserve

Our only environment


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