Creatures of Habit



Are we all just stuck

In our own ways

And what remains to be seen

Each and everyday

Following an unvarying routine

Habits of both good and bad

But if unable to break

From them and become more flexible

This could turn out to be

Very sad

In many aspects

And varying degrees

Saying so much about self

Yet can’t see the forest for the trees

Developing habits and behaviors

That can stay with us for a lifetime

But we must determine

If it’s healthy or harmful

For our everyday lives

Be willing to alter and tweak

Where it may be needed

And if it takes more time

Than actually expected

Then so be it

Don’t feel defeated

Or finding an excuse to repeat it

But rather push forward

While you improve

In order to become

A better version of you

Simple yet at times complex

And wandering what comes next

Take a moment to self-reflect

And don’t become mentally stranded

Or an irrational bandit

The pursuit to improve upon one’s self

Because we all fall in the category

And share the many stories

Of being creatures of habit


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