A peaceful place

In the midst of the desert

Very different than most places

Pleasant to the eyes

Even when tricked by the mind

So serene when seen

To be in a situation that is hectic

Walking along a trail

Where the trouble is unexpected

Or in the making

But escaping to a haven

Hoping not to revisit or repeat

Just rather go to this place

And retreat

To somewhere better

Though it seems far away

It appears to be adequate shelter

Just north of the way

Of where I’m facing

Just want to dive in the water

And soak in its calmness

Then carry it with me

And stay attached as the shell

Of a crustacean

Am I delirious here

I cannot tell at this point

As I try to phantom

Being near this tranquil sanctum

And have it all to myself

Because out here

There is no one else

I hope that this place is real

And once there it will reveal

If I’m just seeing things

As I physically and mentally bring

Myself over there

And will be made aware

Hoping all here will be fair

And succumb to this stasis

A temporary home made here




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