Rhythm And Blues

Music series: Poem 5 of 5




Grab those dancing shoes

As you listen to the music

That helps self soothe

A perfect blend of

Jazz and blues

And most folks know

Yet also a precursor

For rock and roll

Arising from the blues

In addition to driving rhythms

That stems from jazz

Vast origins from the past

That continue on today

And will definitely last

Until the final days

Feel good music

As you boogie and sway

Dance fast or slow

Taking much away

Especially from the days of old

Vintage yet represents

The start of it all

Music that rises but never falls

With its very own pulse

Felt by one and all

Harnessed by those

That I suppose

With plenty of rhythm

Welcoming them to the fold

And a little bit of soul

With the true intent

To blanket all frequencies

With the tendency

To channel much variety

Where there is plenty

With many ingredients involved

And found in the recipe

As you savor and absorb

All of its idiosyncrasies

Heard and felt before you

As you groove and enjoy

The rhythm and blues


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