Universal Analysis



A detailed examination

Of the structure or elements of a thing

And to what

And to whom

It brings

Open to interpretation

And to discuss such things

Gathered and garnered

From indoctrination

Moving swiftly throughout this nation

And around the world

As we know it

Fact and fiction

Simultaneously being switched

And cooked up in a different type of kitchen

Too vague for most to talk about

Or even think to mention

While sitting ever so comfortably

In the same dimension

That never allows critical thought

The very purpose of this false invention

Hiding away the real truth

And the natural search engine

With such commotion

And to not share the treasure

Found at the bottom of the ocean

Unable to self-identify and measure

Being affected in all cases

Stemming from a false basis

From a particular group

With displayed but shadowed faces

Applicable to all human races

Residing in this world

Suffering from universal side effects

Not allowing anyone to be left

To their own free will and thinking

As power and currency

Lies and secrecy

Is the main interlinking

That has caused all of this breaching

And imitation bleeding

To cover and control that which

We truly need to be seeking

Despite all of our learning

And upbringing

Injecting falsehoods

And outcasting anyone

That thinks differently or actually knows

The real truth to be understood

Intentionally losing everyone in the woods

The mission was to cause

And expose the mind itself to

Its own form of calluses

But some of us have awoken

And trying to do same for others

To embrace and research

This universal analysis


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