Sign of the Times



The world as we know it

Has imploded in so many ways

Right where we are

And happening everyday

Hate upon hate

Violence upon violence

What could we hope to achieve

When this goes well beyond

What we actually need

Peace is on a further decline

And so much suffering

That it’s hard for many to smile

This is a clear sign of the times

That we reside in now

But also why and how

Do we keep doing this to ourselves

With so much evil in the world

Absorbed in the cells

Of those who make the rules

And in no shape or form

Are they willing to improve

Upon anything that is worth while

But can guarantee

They are the ones who actually smile

And any emotion

Are like the tears of a crocodile

Richer getting richer

The poor getting poorer

With everyone else

Falling somewhere in between

In a system made purely for

Making the most green

Fighting to have more

But most run out of steam

Due to unfairness and greed

And much corruption seen

With everyone being on the same level

Is wishful thinking and only a pipe dream

Life as it seems

Is not without drama or agony

In some way

A very real reality

That many have to face

Each day and night

That their life takes place

And trying to hang on and shape

Their personal circumstances

In hopes of living a better way

Such atrocities

Happening all the time

Pointing to and displaying

The sign of the times


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