Who You Are (Part 2)



When your mere voice

And presence

When simply being yourself

Seems to cause congestion and aggravation

Then it is time to kiss

That person goodbye

Because being alone

Is much better

And even more peaceful

Than dealing with drama

And being asked why

If they cannot accept you

Just the way you are

Then make their distance from you

Very far

Until they’re out

Of your sight

Gather and compose yourself

Then go on with your life

Allowing someone into your life

Is a privilege for them

Not mandatory

To be an asset to your life

And add to the story

Who are they anyway

To tell you otherwise

Placing themselves into a negative category

With all of their judgement and proclivities

Turning each other

Into enemies very quickly

Right before the eyes

With much wrong

That can no longer be disguised

Send them on their way

And with no long goodbyes

When they cannot accept

You for you

Be yourself

And don’t allow them

Not another minute longer

To stick to you like tar

Be rid of this person

That around them

You cannot be

Who you truly are



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