When The Feeling Is Gone

A poem for those who have had enough, while being undervalued at every turn and the situation has become unnecessarily rough. 




At one time fun

Now have turned numb

Existed before in such a way

That a smile was seen often

If not everyday

Connection lost

And the feeling is gone

Wandering afterwards

About just how long

If this ever truly belonged

Or was I wrong

Like heat leaving the body

And the heart has gone cold

Occurrences happening

That are just too bold

And no real love shown

Because the one you cared for

No longer sees you as value

And take you

On a unwanted adventure

Full of unnecessary issues

And venture to say

That this is no way

To be loved

It has gone away

Like it was never here

And having trouble


And clearing

Up the conflict

That in the beginning

Was not present

But after this fiasco

It’s time to learn a lesson

Self-preservation is key

Even when not alone

Cannot lose what makes me

When being with someone is home

Yet treated utterly wrong

And tired of the same old dance and song

Knowing that this situation here

Is not any good

And not what you need

Or where you truly belong

It doesn’t bring out your best

When it’s put to test

It is time to love myself more

And forget all the rest

So tired of it all

And felt down to the very bones

Will no longer slip and fall

So the time has come

To give a sweet goodbye

Because the feeling has gone


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Writings By MCM


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