Shall I Bid You Adieu



Mine eyes have seen

Yet often deceive me

Showing me many things

That I choose to believe

But just not meant for me

And time tells all

Whether I stand or fall

Attempting to live life

In a way not conducive

For what I need most

To not boast or toast

To what’s happening near

Decisions often made

From desperation and fear

Yet hard to shed a tear

For the one you hold most dear

Because the love and admiration

That was once there

Has now dissipated

Without a trace

And this can be seen

Written across my face

As I walk across

A path lit up with light

Yet still wandering the whole time

Does this actually feel right

As the air graces my being

And more of the reason

As I continue to feel

Out of season

But with slights of nice rain

Looking at the ground beneath my feet

Leaving behind a footstep that remained

And though this may seem strange

How I feel and think

With every decision made and acted upon

At the very brink

Of self discovery again

Looking for this life

To start over and begin

Following a very different road

The next time around

And will be lost no longer

Because I would’ve been found

Stepping off the very clouds

That surround

The sky and never asking why

But rather just live

And learning to smile again

As I head away from

All past drama and conflicts

Stress and strife

Because of it

Cause I choose to be

Different in every way

That most will see

And get back to being

The real version of me

Leaving behind everything

That just hindered my way

And plans in progress

To live for a brighter day

Accepting and embracing

The new truth

And in this regard

To the old life

Shall I bid you adieu


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