Writing Method

Write now and write later

Write even more

When all the artistic sums of its parts

Are even greater




As a writer

You are a very unique tool

That tailors and shapes

Art with words

Meanings and subtext

Analogies and subjects

And who knows what else

When it arrives

You just know

And no fighting the feeling

But instead let it just flow

And the method that will be used

To help sustain this art

And help it to grow

Different styles

Different forms

Many surpassing what most

Would call the norm

A creative storm cloud

This is expressed out loud

Creativity and imagination

Are prerequisites

Of this literary stasis

While evoking emotions

As the literal basis

And just face it

Writing is power

Comprised of sure energy

From every written word

No matter the hour

And grafted to a high stakes round

The power of words

Transformed into voice and sound

And surrounds

All who come in contact with it

Writing has no limits

Because it will always move

Pass as it was intended

Given an insight

Not always wrong or right

Yet always ready to take flight

Just open to interpretation

And to tune them in

No matter the written station

Find the form or style

That best suits you

And really display

What written art can do

Or is very capable of

Doing this with passion

Admiration and love

The pen and paper

Are synergistic

With the help of the writer

Creating works of art

That are far pass the simplistic


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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