Writing Method (Part 2)

The writer and the writing

Together have won

And continue to forge

A strong bond




Writing will always soar

Above being only realistic

Call it misfit

Or a rebel if you will

Because it will always move

At a consistent pace

That could never stay still

Sending literary shockwaves

Everywhere it is seen or read

To write is to express also

In ways that go beyond being said

An artistic essence and presence

Learned beyond average lessons

And firmly yet intensely invested

To be a writer

Is to be intrepid

Each and every time

And leaving boundaries behind

Limited only by your imagination

Buckle down and stay focused

To present the next creation

An excellent written piece

That the very energy inside

Couldn’t wait to release

And bring to the surface

No need to be nervous and urgent

Just continue to write on

Because this art form

Has you right where you belong


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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