The Man That Was Never Good

For what profits a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul




A man one day

Up and decided

To have everything go his way

And would do anything

To see this happen

No matter the cost

Or damage left behind

In his wake and never a mistake

Because trying to convince him otherwise

Was a lost cause and just too late

He forgot the phrase I suppose

That all that glitters is not gold

Or just simply ignored this

And any logical reasoning

Just went out the door

Along with his conscience

Cutting shady and underhanded deals

And doing anything to accelerate this more

Selfishness beyond repair

And also believed that he was above reproach

Ignoring all principles and values

And trading them for his own

With being good seen as a disease

Calling this home

And with evil as the antidote

He grew more powerful

With each murderous act and destruction

Never caring about any real justice

And causing further mayhem

With each secret discussion

And executed vile plans

No morality present anywhere

As he just smiles and stands

While orchestrating the very next plan

He is happy and pleased

With what he sees in the mirror

As his evil actions and deeds

Become even clearer

More and more

Happening daily as he walks out of his door

Of vast riches and material luxuries

And sleeping like a baby each night

After he had caused so much suffering

Among those not in his social circle

Every deceitful action taken

Was always done on purpose

As you could see no trace

Of good anywhere on the surface

Nor within

With his very thoughts

As a means to an end

And didn’t bother to pretend

To be fake or concerned

Many lessons around him

That he never desired to learn

Could not be trusted

As far as he could be thrown

And using many people

That he treated as a possession or owned

To enhance and carry out his agendas

And blaming everyone else for his misdeeds

When found out and exposed alone

Madness at its absolute worst

And calling it home

A sociopath and psycho indeed

All wrapped up in one

Succeeding through much greed

And until his life actually ends

He will never be done

Because his evil knows no bounds

While calling this fun

Is where it all began

With loyalty to no one but self

He had no room in the overhead bins

Making and contributing

To the future becoming grim

Because everything that he did

Was just about him

Only associating himself

With those within the same fold

And on a roll

And very bold

He was warned about all of this

But never listened or ever wanted to be told

Because this man was just too busy

Selling out his soul


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