As the thoughts

Have come and gone

The words that were brought

Just move along

Inside my mind

Letting them flow naturally

Within the given amount of time

As poetry actually

With certain lines set aside

And just going along for the ride

This art form is on the rise

Written energy harnessed from every line

Making its way to the page

With the pen on the rage

The essence of confessions displayed

And more than anyone can say

So just may

Take a day

To write in such a way

As to express the gray

Written with intent to stay

And later on, state

Yet cannot seem to wait

Unable to keep it all at bay

As poetry merges with the poet

And becomes a permanent inlay

Will write until the very last day

With many words on display

This train here will always move

Nonstop with nothing in the way

Of progress building

With poetry served up on a silver tray

So, excuse me as I

Exercise the poetic mind

And continue to poeticize

Constructing the next piece

As I have envisioned

Thinking towards and looking forward

While engulfed and submerged

In realism that is bonded

Deeply in poeticism


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM