What being a poet is like and evolves into when the fire continues on beyond you




A blip on the screen of life

That doesn’t follow a certain pattern

Like being able to still fly a kite

That is torn and tattered

A deviation from the norm

After becoming a quiet storm

Being an abnormality

Is your reality

As poetry becomes you

With a life and skill for words

Which is perfectly fine with you

As you continue to write and portray

The cool air that just passes through

Counting each step that you take

As you walk through this world

How does it really feel?

That you and with each piece created

Is like a very rare pearl

As you curl and twirl

Inside the box of the literary

And being just more

Than the contrary

And within you also varies

With each work that carries

Your unique signature

Stamped and sealed

Yet very original and pure

You don’t always fit in

With what others consider or believe

But then again

You don’t have to

Embrace being different

And touch the sky if you so choose

A feeling that can’t be described

With a size that is unknown

To be imbued in this way

Is not something that can be shown

But rather naturally hone

And not something to ever leave behind

Take for granted or leave alone

Say it is yours

And absolutely claim

That this is mine

Just go out there and shine

Brightly as only you can

Be the intense symbol of rarity

And don’t fear what you understand

As a poet

You are an oddity

But as a poet

That never deserts this art

And continues to enhance your craft

The result of this aftermath

Will truly transform you

Into an anomaly


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