Where I Belong

My poem to the world and leaving my literary mark on it.




Have found my place in this world

That I call home

And there is where

I truly belong

Not continuing to twist and turn

In the wind but rather twirl

Around into something

That is rather profound

And this is where I belong

No longer time to stop and stare

When the path laid out before me

Is in plain sight

And has made itself aware

Yet always there

Pushing ever pushing

Constantly towards the light

And it will always feel right

Because this is where I belong

While in my artistic zone

I shed my fears

Of becoming even more

This is bigger than me

And falls near and dear

To so many upon miles

And great distances abroad

But also, up close and personal

And with such persistence

Refusing to succumb

Or be met with any negative resistance

Standing where I belong

As I write at times

And shed a tear with each word

Making the choice

With and throughout those written words

Hoping that ones who truly need it

Have actually heard

And lending my voice

Speaking up for those

That have been done wrong

Appear gone yet seen

But never listened to

For it is true

That in those moments in time

I cannot sleep

As I toss and turn

Yet soon learn

And can feel all of the grief

Surrounding me

Surging through the nerves

And felt all the way down

To the very bones

Like taking in

The notes and lyrics

Of a strangely composed song

It may be long

But the effects are felt

The entire time and all alone

Right here is where I belong

Not doing this just for mere fun

And will write until I decide

That I am done

Or if I clearly see

That poetry is done with me

And has let me go

After the last piece down the road

Having fulfilled my time

With all that has ever been penned

And put on display for all to see

Poetry that was certainly mine

Harnessed from a blazing fire

And everything it was meant to be

Holding on to where I belong

This is the one thing in my life

That I never got wrong

Stayed consistent and strong

Never reaching the end of this song

And had positioned myself all along

Because a seat at the table of poetry

Is where I belong


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM