A person you thought to be

Had arrived

To at last be with someone

Whom you felt fulfilled destiny

Gave it all to them

Never holding back

While they sat and waited

Doing nothing

As you continue to lack

Never thinking that one day

That person would stray

Being with them daily

Yet feeling alone all the time

Carrying it all on your back

And they don’t seem to mind

Doing this has become routine

Losing the person daily

You use to be

Have to let them go

When your concerns are not theirs

Stop exhausting yourself

When it’s obvious they don’t care

Move on with life

And regain your former self

After it’s all said and done

You are all that is left

Learn from this and believe

Someone better is out there

That won’t make your heart bleed

To revive that feeling from

The very first day

Though it seems a lifetime ago

But you should know

One day you will heal

And the right one for you

Will be revealed

Remember that life goes on

Just be ready to tag along

There are those that truly stay

But also ones that are only a stray


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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