On A Path

 Just more of my thoughts and also inspired by Robert Frost




A path to go much higher
Though most will disagree
But to some it will be dire
Yet all will eventually see
And will be a hard hit
Yet instill feel
Some way about it
But just know
That the path taken
Did not come lightly
So no mistaking
Mind focused with thoughts abiding
And with a certain flow
May be an unpopular choice
But a risk I’m willing to take
Just listening to similar voices
That knows not to wait
To a point of no return
So they discern
And willing to learn
To live much better
Instead of a road that leads to a burn
A road taken by very few
Even less when it comes to
The same point of view
And imbue
Willing to put themselves out there
Even if those around them are few
Too many scattered
And time to come together
Of like-minded ones
In love and life 
Striving always despite the weather
On a path to a much higher cause
And rather be different
Than follow the crowd
Heading for a fall 


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