Stay Calm



When feeling stressed

And feeling less

Go to a place of peace

And try to release

That which bothers you

Try to self soothe

Instead of feeling more blue

Mind running too fast

At many miles per hour

This cannot last

Must have the power

To seek a different way

Learn now today

To keep emotions at bay

And try to replace

That feeling of rush

Tell the mind to hush

So it may put the body at ease

Too much stress

Is like having a disease

With no cure for

So don’t ignore

Physical signs warning you

And call a truce

Don’t allow the stress

To get the better of you

Go and review

The true nature of the issue

Is it as serious?

As it’s made out to be

While inside of your head

Is like a swarm of bees

Flying constantly

But moving faster than

Your heart can beat

Time to retreat

With only that

You truly seek

Do what’s in your control

Beyond that

Just let it go

And stop and pray

For the other things needed

To later unfold

Stay calm and stay focused

Then set your body in motion

Less concentration and commotion

Stress blocks positive traction

And remember that you

Are responsible for your own reactions


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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