Blue Doors Locked

Everything one has gone through

And everything they have been

Trying to explain a difficult story

So where to begin

Being a race and a culture

That never quite fit in

No matter what

You ever said or did

Always feeling out of place

With the look of this

Upon your face

And emitted from your body language

Will this ever improve

Or make a switch

Very doubtful to say the least

Because each and everyday

Racism and hatred increase

Violence hasn’t ceased

Injustice is a constant beast

Continuing to hinder peace

Just how much longer

Will this last

Being the true example

Of an outcast

Rejected and cast out

What is this about

Very unnecessary

And really piles on

More weight than can be carried

But unfortunately

Have become accustomed to it

Always going through it

Because conflict follows

Everywhere you go

And no one really knows

What this is like

Unless they have walked

Many times in these shoes

Always in a position

Where you have to show and prove

That you have some kind of value

In this life and world

But humanity for you

Just always seems to curl

Up into being rejected

At every single turn

Ousted by society constantly

And you wake up daily

To this burn

This is no way for one to live

With never seeing their own life

As any type of gift

The outcast you are

And well known by far

With all the agony it brings

But hopefully nature itself

Will be more accepting


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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