Symbolizes being bound up

With treatment that is rough

Oppressed due to restrictions

Of life and liberty

With ill intentions

And no longer free

Chains also used for

Transferring power

Lifting and securing

For many hours

Fixed and enduring

For better operation

Strong and lasting

For quite a while

Before showing any indication

Or sign of fail

But there is always

That one weak link

Easily distinguished

Ready to tell and show

That it is no longer good anymore

Others show no such signs

And last for many years

Outlasting fears

With a strength that never

Quite seems to disappear

Always present and prepared

To put in work right here

Many different types

Of chains that are known to man

Some we certainly approve of

While others we cannot understand

Working for good reasons

Others are causing misery

That last beyond the seasons

All the while changing lives

And falling in the realm of

Betrayal and treason

Injustice and teasing

Not always pleasing

Through its many uses

In one case lighting fuses

And in another case

Making some people feel useless

The chains

The chains

That rearrange

Feeding the insane

Causing much pain

Increasing gain

Misery felt like falling rain

Using power that remains

Many times used

Again and again

Time to truly familiarize yourself

With both the good and bad sides

Of the versatile chain


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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