A cover unlike any other 

Affixed into a place 

For you face 

The shielding and shading 

Of another 

Branches and spreads out 

Protecting that which is underneath 

Like a blanket or layer 

Even while we sleep 

Cannot always reach the top 

Or not at all 

Coming from a purveyor 

That won’t allow a fall 

Very roof like 

Yet very different  

Not always clear to the eyesight 

But never came and just went 

Away because it’s here to stay 

The greatest covering 

And shelter ever created 

From the very first day 

Unique and without words 

Conflicting over what we have heard 

But doesn’t negate the fact 

Whether we truly know 

Or fail to act 

Believing all else instead 

But this was meant for us 

And has always been 

Above our heads 

The Canopy 


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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