To Write Again



At the start of the day 

And after I awake 

With poetic thoughts on my mind 

Reaching for the paper 

To jot down my ideas 

And not worried about the time 

In order to write again 

Finding the nearest pen 

So that my work can begin 

Keeping my focus 

And staying positive  

While reserving my energy 

Until the end 

In order to write again 

I am being absorbed 

And never ignored 

By this unique art form 

And allowing me 

To be the eye of the storm 

In order to write again 

Sustaining my motivation 

Regardless of the situation 

Keeping me dialed in 

As I watch the light 

Curve and bend 

And then sends me 

Down the road of completion 

As each word and line 

Pours out of me as secretions 

Embracing this literary place 

And it will show 

Every time you see my face 

Not a hobby or trend 

But rather a passion 

And a fire 

That will never end 

All of these poetic things 

And so much more 

As I enter the door 

That will allow the words 

To rise up and soar 

As I count to ten 

And forge a further alliance 

With this thing called poetry 

And to keep it going 

From where it began 

While paused in creative thought 

So that I may continue 

To write again 


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