Underneath The Top



There is more below the surface 

Than what actually appears 

And not always clear 

Despite the top layer 

Standing on the bottom 

But awaiting to take the elevator 

To see what’s above 

But so much more below 

Than anyone wants to speak of 

Or about 

Just as present 

As the words coming from the mouth 

That hit the air 

Stemming from a specific place 

And not out of nowhere 

Mass above and below 

Yet anchored down 

So it doesn’t unveil the unknown 

And just how long 

Will what’s beneath be ignored 

Spreading out its zone 

With much circling the core 

The outside that you can see 

Doesn’t always represent 

Or paint the full picture 

Of what’s encompasses a whole 

Screaming pass what has been told 

And just another overture 

In its own right 

With qualities in the dark 

But also in the light 

Looks can be deceiving 

Especially when there is 

Many things proceeding underneath 

With figurative weight increase 

And taken up all the space 

Much can be said  

By watching body language 

And the person’s face 

Like an iceberg they are 

You see the top 

But there is also a 

Bottomless and unseen area 

That goes very far 


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