Awakened Heart



Love found inside of you
That was always there
Just needed the right one
To make it aware
Of a maze
Going on for days
Intricate places intertwined
Inside of the heart
Yet camped out in the mind
Put away with time
And compartmentalized
That you seemed to not realize
This is out of protection
And self preservation
But not always wise
Some truth was laced with lies
And some lies comprised of
Certain truths
All played out
Right in front of you
And sometimes behind you
Not always sure what to do
Not everything was done
In plain view and sight
Though it looked right into
Those eyes of yours
And would pour
Rolling outside the door
Of your heart
Little by little
Guilt made and shown
With no acquittal
To be had or made
Time to bring your heart
Out of the shade
And prepare to face
A new start
With someone new
That won’t tear
Your heart apart
It’s been asleep for a while
And this person has
Woken it up
Polar opposite of your past
And more than enough
To take you clear through
Onto the next level
A love that finally you
Can revel in
That now also appears
To have no end
Anywhere in sight
Things are looking up
And the direction is right
Just be open to
The possibilities of the two of you
Hearts opened and focused
On each other
Two paths now merging
And made for one another


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