Line By Line



This poem right here

As it appears

Is ready to light a fire

Line by line

And very much designed

Primed and prepped

Always to go higher

It will not resign or retire

Nor has an expiration date

Words ready to ignite

And cannot wait

Line by line

And on the grind

Doing this every time

With a smile and so worthwhile

Clawing at more

Heard with a roar

Wild and unpredictable

From the very core

Calm and endearing

Too much galore

With intent to triple

Efforts so critical

Speaking in riddles

And at times seems little

But a giant at the middle

These words have power

And move on a spindle

At large and very potent

Charged with no acquittal

Meanings that move

On a swivel and groove

Show and prove

What the poet is capable of

And really up to

Yet still a mystery

Never knowing all of their history

Because how they see

This very world to be

Can at times defy belief

Line by line

Rare as a flawless pearl

With each single piece

Fire and desire

Words that happen with passion

Pen and paper

Seen as the next caper

But won’t taper off

Line by line

As these words cross

And move about

With a fire inside

That will never go out

Line by line

And grabbing time

Holding on and pushing forward

As to outshine and never rewind

Any efforts made just opens the flood gates

Because this is right

And not a crime

The poetry and poet

Going hard every time

Ready to set sail

Line by line


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