Line By Line (Part 2)



The will was here

And very present

Ready to ignite even more

And spread this essence

Not that I had to

But I wanted to

Line by line

So here is part two

The sequel

That will be just as equal

Flowing through the veins

As if injected by a needle

Line by line

Each and every time

Once again on the grind

And can call this mine

Continuing to shine

Never in a bind

Moving down a path

Yet on a straight line

Because this feels so right

And I just might

Set my sights

On invading more darkness

And turn on more lights

Line by line

Making them shine bright

Unable to measure the height

That this will grow into

Lyrical and on a mission

To succeed on more than a few

Line by line

So what else am I going to do

Well continue to proceed

To fill the literary need

Indeed and of course

Line by line

Writing many choice words

That will sound off

As a loud voice

Because I made the choice

Many years ago

To share and soar over

And knowing just where to go

To read and enjoy this poetry

And let it be so

Line by line

From flame to fire

Making an impact

Is what I desire

Taking many to a place

And at a pace

With enough speed for everyone

Line by line

With a smile on the face

That cannot be replaced

Within the hearts and minds

Made it to the literary destination

Line by line


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