Untitled (Part 4)

(Final Version)




The last one to be

Called untitled

Writing works again and again

That are never stuck in idle

They move like the wind

They run as the cheetah

In open field

With meanings and phrases

Read across faces

Metaphors and antonyms

Rhymes and synonyms

To promote and reveal

With words that seal

And appeal

Yet steal the attention

Of audiences everywhere

That my work related to

And also cares

To stop and share

And make many aware

Of the power of poetry

And its many forms

It is a storm

And the calm before and afterwards

Accessing and measuring

The vast effects that were captured

With the emotions stirred up

Forwards and backwards

To leave a mark on this world

But always in a positive context

Very unpredictable

To what will come next

To reach and write even more

Many works to come and go

Beyond this poem called

Untitled four


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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