Untitled (Part 3)



Sitting here thinking

About what to write

With ideas on my list

Trying to focus in the dim light

On what piece will exist next

The very one I can’t resist

As I continue to persist

And move along

Coming up with the next one

That won’t be too long

Before I can put it together

No specific time periods

Just don’t want to take forever

To put pen to the paper

Right now, and not later

Because I am more than ready

To write this piece

I’m all alone

And the silence has increased

My head in its creative space

To write an original piece

So amazing in words

That it cannot be replaced

Better than I’ve written or heard

Before this one

And will continue on until its done

The challenge of it is fun

And the passion simply runs

Every hour of the day and night

And I just might

Without a fight

Find a way to write

Until it no longer feels right

But I have too much fire

For the light to go out

And going about

Finishing this very poem right now

Because its only one

Cause I’m too busy thinking

And in the middle of

Writing the next one


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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