So It Would Seem



My heart goes out

To the people that are never

Seen as equals

From beginning to end

And just can’t ever seem to win

Because it always depends

On so many factors

Variables and other things

And everything gray

That is in between

Comes and goes without choice

And eventually just runs out of steam

Along with their voice

As I continue to learn

Yet stay concerned

With the very health and well being

Of those always feeling the burn

And so it would seem

Just too vital and deems

To lean against and being contingent upon

Having enough paper

That is constantly green

With many not having the chance

To truly live before they leave

This cold cruel world of ours

And unable to spread their wings

Before leaping off the tower

Of this real life

With so much suffering

Provided and divided

Well into and throughout

Until the twenty fourth hour

Having never climbed up

To reach the sunlight

And that gap between

The rich and poor

Just continues to widened

Daily and steadily even more

For those barely surviving

And remains to be seen

So it would seem

So it would seem


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