As The Words Appear



As the words appear
On the blank page
My mind is crystal clear
Yet plugged in
And tuned in such a way
That it is on
A very different frequency
As some would say
Increasing with intensity
With every line of thought
As it sends out shockwaves

As the words appear
My mind is on a high
Well into the upper atmosphere
And I never ask why
Won’t ever sigh
When it comes to this art
For the words come from
The inner fire and heart
And will never come apart
Moving to a synchronized beat
Of a marching drum
With every piece written
Completed and done

As the words appear
Pouring out from inside
Onto the paper right here
And very close to the eyes
Reading the work before me
And taking in what I see
Readying this next piece
The way it was meant to be
And happy to share this with the world
That is all around me

As the words appear
Leaving the pen
Starting to begin
A new poem that will
Move with the wind
A steady sliding wave
That just may or may not
Always behave as you think
That it should
Always walking a path 
With intent to stay on
For many days
With every written line
Sending out shockwaves
Each work I hold dear
And as an extension of me
Into this art form I tend to disappear
With each piece that you see
Embraced into the light and shade
Comprised from what was made
When the paper and pen met up
And come near
Working together as a team
With the results occurring
As the words appeared 


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