Search and Rescue

Peace and harmony are an illusion, an afterthought and wishful thinking. And many aren’t apart of inclusion as they have become accustomed to exclusion and wind up in seclusion. “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” as this declares, but this does not apply to everyone unfortunately. We need to be rescued from our own ourselves.




When help is needed 

Is it always provided 

Or are we too heated 

And divided 

Passing over those 

In much need of care 

Needing to be saved 

But acting unaware 

The hand waving in the air 

While in the middle of despair 

Just reaching for dear life 

Drowning in the dark 

But hoping and waiting  

To come up to the light 

This is not okay 

This is not right 

And evil to say the least 

I guess our equality for all 

Continues to decrease 

If you’re not part of the solution 

Then you’re definitely part of the problem 

And should get out of the way 

And just step aside 

For I don’t have time 

And many others that actual care 

About other lives 

No tolerance or patience 

To not deal with the real issues 

That we’re all facing 

Sending out negative vibes 

As injustices wave 

The urgency to improve 

Just hasn’t taken shape 

Trying to run away from problems 

We simply can’t escape 

Because we need to erase 

This erratic behavior 

And start fresh and anew 

With positive results afterwards 

To actually savor 

If we can all taste the same flavor 

But how many of us 

Will do this much needed favor 

Words will tell 

And actions will show 

From here what we will do 

Time to get up and about 

And find everyone in need 

Of search and rescue 


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