Carried Away By The Wind



The goal is to ascend

From where you are

Doesn’t matter where you’ve been

Just time to set things in motion

And go very far

While stirring the right commotion

Waiting to start fresh

And new again

To create situations

While making decisions

That will end up the best

As you get

Carried away by the wind

Going so well

That it doesn’t want to end

Upon a reachable cloud

Made possible the wind

To get carried away

With your dreams

To wake up and get going

Then time to leave

While you wait to receive

The fruits of your good works

As sweet as a favorite dessert

Going well beyond what you thought

You could ever achieve

The air is wild

The temperature is mild

And on your face, is a smile

That took a while

To get there

So, you’re aware

Of all it took

Just to get to that look

And feel of success

Pushed through when put to the test

And would not rest

Until the goal was complete

Your destiny and dreams

Came together to finally meet

Have taken flight

Upon large wings

And everything that it brings

Soaring high above

Yet flew past

Just making some green

Because real happiness

Can be felt and seen

So, no need

To ever pretend

Because you are just too busy

Being carried off by the wind


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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