Quiet Storm

What it means to be a poet:




I am a poet

And a quiet storm

Being one is anything but the norm

Even when I’m gone

My work shall remain

I am the eye of the hurricane

And the biggest tornado

Creative and imaginative brain

A unique and wild infactuation

Bringing with it precipitation

That no one truly knows

This art form to me

Is very vital and critical

Poets alone are dangerous

Now add the strength and power of their words

And this all becomes formidable

I am the calm before the storm

Keeping to self

Then out comes the charm

My words charging forward

From a standing position

Always looking towards

The next poetic rendition

Intense is evident

As I put these words together

Most don’t realize

That poets create their own weather

And a turbulence that

You never saw coming

A cyclone running wild

And at times alarming

From the use and power of words

Of the literary arts

Strength and artistic winds

That cease to come apart

Taken the words in

Never knowing how they

Will cause you to feel

After the many writings

Have been revealed

Seen and read

Taking you on a journey

Then feeling afterwards

Like the heart and mind have been fed

Differently from all the rest

This is a literal test

Kept close to chest

Won’t allow for much rest

Because the shock of it all sometimes

Seems to take away breaths

Raining down heavily

Artistic and steady

When the next piece arrives

Will you be ready?

The poet is aware of the affects

That poetry can have

And hopefully use this gift

Only for good

And to never be misunderstood

Provoking thoughts

And many smiles had

For a poet’s work to never been seen

Is quite sad

The world awaits

For each poetic piece

With wandering minds and curiosity

To continue to increase

And to no avail

Poets have no desire to ever fail

Reaching the masses always

On a grand scale

To be a poet born

Is an absolute treat

To become and be

The best thing I’ll ever know

And let it be so

With the words of heat

That will keep you warm

A radiating natural event

Sent here to sound the alarm

Because I am

The quiet storm


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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