It Is (Part 3)

(Final Version)



Spreading literary goodness

Across the many lands

Being utterly contagious

But with the cure in hand

A pen mightier than the sword

And strikes a chord

With the paper then

And so, it begins

Initiating this artistic trend

Working its way inside

And turning the tide

In ways you can’t imagine

Writing becoming so powerful

Just watch it happen

It shouts from the highest tower

Yet ready at any point

To share that magic hour

Right after completion

Matching all the seasons

With some rhyme and reason

While others do not

But are still just as pleasing

Energy inside the poet

That is just teasing

Until it gets out

Have to be in the shoes of

And had made the poetic journey

To truly grasp

What it’s all about

Once it takes hold

You can never let it go

Because it sends you on a path

With very basic control

And at times not of your choosing

Never taken back

Because poetry has spoken

Just to keep writing constantly

To stay worthy of being chosen

And sealed with a literary hug and kiss

With not one moment

To ever been missed

It is


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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