Had to write about this….




Sending out prayers for Houston
And other parts of Southern Texas
With stress and strife weighing a ton
Within this tragic nexus
Like Katrina all over again
With not enough rescuing or assistance
As a constant trend
Preparation and evacuations
Went out the window
More would have left
If they had known
For those out of harm’s way
And made it through the next day
Pray for those that did not
And stop to help if you can
This is a time to forego division
And try to understand
That when disaster hits land
Everyone winds up
In the same circumstance
Help if you can
Help if you can
And pray over this land
Because hope is needed
For the people there
To be able to stand
And live on pass
The things that they were able
To save with their hands
And take with them
For those that have survived
And much peace and rest
For those that never opened their eyes again
When will we learn
Are we really not concerned?
That is the question
That is on display
And we will see the answer
Going forward beyond today


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