Walking On Wind



Waking up to a frown

And at times uneasy

Walking around on unsettled wind

Totally breezy

And cannot feel the ground

Whether from the beginning or end

Lying still or busy

Getting the urge

And feeling the surge

To do and want more

When errors occur

But ready to emerge

Clawing at the core

Moving always on a cloud

That truly speaks out loud

To where one has been

And is going

Not knowing you’re out at sea

And sometimes hard to breathe

With tall and silent sails

But no wind

Trying to ride along on rough air

Yet getting nowhere

And your heart and mind

Filled with despair

Unable to land on solid ground

Too soft and uncertain

With no contentment found

Wandering where to begin

No real solutions have appeared

Around here

Because maybe just maybe

They were blown away by the wind

That you spent

Much time trying to walk on

And now starting to ask self

Where did I go wrong?

Is it time to find

The real journey where I belong

And make way over there

Gathering up the bravery

While surrounded by air

Floating over this life

But have become aware

That my end depends

On what I do and dare

To accomplish with this life

Seeing my dreams through

With all of my might

And see them through to the end

Taking a better path now

As I walk on smooth wind


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM

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