Looking For The Exit (Part 3)

(Final Version) 

My last thoughts on this one




Look around everyone

And tell me what you see

For when it’s all said and done

Where exactly will we be

Years from now

And just how

Do we intend to improve upon this world?

Or will we choose to continue

To look the other way

While we continue to hurl

Into an unknown abyss

That no one seems too concerned with

It is clear to me

Which is why I’ve written

This part three

The finale of informing the masses

Of so much that just passes

Us by

And not enough questions being asked

Of why

Do we have to contend?

With the same old trends

That with plain common sense

We would see that they don’t work

And never worked in this regard

So its passed the time

To detour from this boulevard

Of what we’ve become

And who we are

Reinvention is in order

And time to open

All the minds and borders

Cross the lines and limitations

Remove the boundaries

And start cooperating

And collaborating

In order to build and restore

A better future

We all could do

Such much more

But if we continue down

This same self-destructive path

Waiting around for the inevitable aftermath

Then I have to take myself

Out of the picture

Just settle my own scores

And important issues

Very necessary and vital

To our immediate survival

So I refuse to sit at idle

And want to do more

But I know when to fold

And the time to go

Taking the approach and leaving out from

The last exit door


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