The simple things in life

Are at times unappreciated

Due to receiving them easily for most

Or just plain taken it for granted

And not stated enough

Easy to understand or do

For the vast majority of us

The quality or condition

To be just plain or natural

But the actual

Way of thinking about this

Varies from person to person

As they go about it

Keeping it simple

Or being that it provides

A clear understanding

Not technical or complex

Staying true to itself

And ignores all the rest

The very things in life

That are in its simplest form

And more than good enough

To be the norm

Classic and authentic

Simple yet vintage

Effortless and with ease

Like an open lock

That doesn’t need keys

So, if you please

Look more into living simply

Not everything has to be luxury

As nature in its most

Beautiful and simplistic state

A simple latch that opens the gate

Too busy and caught up with

Material things that cannot wait

When the world was much simpler

At the age of eight

Enjoying the simple things

And all that it brings

Like that very park

With your favorite swing

Your favorite song that you sing

And such things

That are deemed to be


Later on, in life they become

The very things that are missed

Just open your eyes

And truly appreciate and see

To enjoy life at its finest

And in its original recipe

As simple as it can be






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Writings By MCM


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