Lost In Translation



Be careful of what

You think you deserve

As random parts of life happen

And continue to occur

Walking around and thinking the absurd

Hoping that some of what you say

Actually, gets heard

But silently pull over

To the side of the curve

And attempting to hang on

To every little word

Being at your best

Has eluded that attitude

And thoughts of self-serve

Disappointed by the mere mention

Of any dreams deferred

Because you went about life

In the wrong way

And that bad decision

Continues to haunt you

Until this very day

And feeling in some way

Trying to keep tears at bay

And the image of you

Completely states and displays

The look upon your confused face

And starting to feel out of place

Because you are grounded

Due to the inability to fly

And like a bird

That dove into a window

Believed to had been an opening

That seemed clear enough

Until you approach it

And landed hard and rough

Hit deep with what you’re facing

Against a clock that only you

Seem to be racing

With your heart pacing

Too fast for what you’re chasing

With some thoughts and actions

That need some erasing

Much needed things

That just went over your head

And bypassed the ears

Now seeing differently

From what actually appears

All stemming from fears

And just wanted to be here

But are suffering from aggravation


And missing motivation

Seeing what was never there

And words that were misunderstood

Believed to be in a language

Only subject to your interpretation

And a runaway imagination

That somewhere along the line

You became

Lost in translation


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Writings By MCM



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