Sound Waves



What my ears hear

As it surrounds

Listening to the invisible waves

That carry sound

Heard for days and miles around

Years and months

With the reactions on display

Feeling the soundwaves as they propagate

And continue to play on

Whether a mere noise

Or a favorite song

With this effect on a roll

Listening in even more

With each crescendo and decrescendo

As the notes drop

And never stop

Silky as a fine wine

Waving across the ears

With a tone that is soft

Yet also rocks and becomes loud

While blowing the doors off

A unique and airy creature

With many aspects to its features

As it reaches and decreases

Spreading rapidly as it increases

And a feat for the speakers

That amplify the sounds

For all the listeners and keepers

Go higher or misfire

Evoke emotion and gain

But also cause some pain

Depending how it’s arranged

Moving across a spectrum field

And in many directions

Hitting the ears with many inflections

And the energy that it carries

Oscillating and converting

As the converge varies

An audible wave

That most objects create

In some way or fashion

Giving off a positive or negative reaction

The acoustical delivered to the auditory

That so many can relate to

And each one has a story

That went live over time

And all around for days

Can’t wait to tune in and listen for

The next soundwave


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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