This poem is dedicated to the man and legend that inspired me to write poetry, he is Langston Hughes. 



Oh, how the mighty have fallen

With miracles out of reach

This man of dark color speaks

And can hear the real music calling

Nervous with tapping of the feet

But with soothing rhythm

Pacing along with the pulse of heartbeat

Hoping to forego another cataclysm

This man with dark skin

Is here to share

His very own allegory

But with many intentions

Insistent on making awareness

To those like me

That have gone through much despair

Because I care to

Reoccurring dreams

With unfairness on the regular

And so, it would seem

That trouble follows the carriers

Using music as a barrier

As my heart goes out

But also bleeds into a drought

That many have noticed

And have gone without

Clapping of hands

And much dance

To give just one breath

A small chance

To do so without conflict

Or cause a rift

As I gather my balance

Oh, sing a song

And lead it home

Right where it belongs

With such a tone

That a weary vibe

Will become strong

So, pass this along

As I read into the blues

To inspire the jazz

And the hope of a few

Moving to the beat and rhythm

On the floor with my dancing shoes



Where writing comes alive

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