We need to and have to be better….




When all hope seems strange

And seems to be undercover

Doing only what is within your range

Then how can you truly hope

To recover

To branch out into other territories

Enhancing your discoveries

Will eventually lead

To a road of recovery

When will we stop

Hating on each other

If we stand any chance

Of ever reaching the top

We must address that which plagues us all

Instead of taking further dives

And continuing to fall

And in doing so

Gives us a chance to recover

Wanting something to happen

Or to be the case

Requires patience and consistency

In order to erase

The unsavory actions and motions

That daily stare us in the face

A positive outcome

Starts at one

Being optimistic over time

With an attitude that is beneficial

But begins in the mind

The feelings of expectation

From one to another

Wanting and desiring

A certain thing

But must first recover

So, look in the mirror

At that person

Before trying to resolve

Situations with others

Healing begins with self

Before moving on to someone else

And in a world left uneasy

That needs much caring

And more sharing

Towards one another

We must strive

As long as we’re alive

For continuous improvement

And forward movement

As we recover


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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