I Am

Just sharing my thoughts and on a way of being….Inspired by Maya Angelou





I am the calm after the storm

And the blanket that keeps the heart warm

I am the one that makes many aware

Thinking heavily outside

With the cool night air

I am the surprise

That you never see coming

Moving about diligently

With nonstop running

I am the spark before you know it

A fire scorching inside

But you would never know it

I would not show it

But once on display

It will never go away

I am a continuous pattern

For real growth

And to bestow a gift

With the intent to scatter

But never to be haphazard

I am the voice of reason

Hoping to create better change

With each coming season

I am original

Showcasing much that is pivotal

Contrary to the adaptable

Presenting such things

Formed and spoken in parables

Not meant to be comparable

To anything else

That is within the same realm

And pulled off the shelf

I am good in times

Where it may seem short

But never resort to a retort

Just only meant to shine

I am in a world

That I very much desire to fill with hope

Seeking the cure to share

And then full of the antidote

Passing it around and such

Yet wondering the entire time

If it’s just too much

Or just enough

I am the kindness

In the middle of pain

That is dancing around

In the rain

I am the hope

Of things to come

And always on a mission

That will never be done

I am many things and more

On a path that only wants to soar

The artistic hands

That opens the proverbial door

Hoping to be the serum

That covers the sore

Who am I you ask?

Well wouldn’t you know it

A very distinct artist

I am a poet


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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