Gloomy Overhead

When you’re in your head too much and your feelings are getting the best of you. Settle yourself and see the situation as it is, and not as you think or believe. 




Residing in a glum place

The look of freaked out on the face

When riddled with fear

And your head is unclear

Due to a thick patchy fog

When the thoughts trip and fall

Or circle around like crazy

And logic seems hazy

Because of a foreign choice

Listening too much

To that inside voice

Now leading you astray

Making sudden turns

That are headed the wrong way

And not knowing what to say

Just panicking and petrified

And making rash decisions

That are outside your scope and line

With tears streaming from the eyes

And not much confidence left

With a tornado spinning inside

Feeling like your hands and feet are tied

And appear as a total wreck

Leaving behind distorted tracks

That can’t be heard or read

Because of the clarity you lack

So be very careful

With the next words said

Just forego further actions instead

Take the time to really compose yourself

And stay out of your head


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