You Will Find Me

As a writer and especially as a poet, you tend to get lost often in the writing. It is your own time and space in this world, and not another soul around.  A quiet place where you can truly shine and don’t want to be found. 




At the crack of dawn

Waking up from a sleep

That wasn’t too long

You will find me

Grabbing a pen to write

In the middle of the day

With a notebook in hand

Thinking in some way

You will find me

When you’re looking for me

And my disappearance seems strange

Because I’m writing quietly

And out of communication range

You will find me

The day has turned to night

With words on my mind

That just can’t wait

Writing with little light

And staying up late

You will find me

There in the midnight hour

An ongoing connection to this poetic power

With pen in hand

Words filling me up as grains of sand

Still writing until

The first morning hour

Or until no ink is left

Wrote constantly but with no actual rest

Because I never went to bed

Due to poetry calling me home instead

You will find me

Glued to the pen

Writing from beginning to end

Words moving across the paper

As a steady pulse and constant trend

Won’t ever bend or fold

And being a poet for me

Will never get old

No matter what I’m told

I will continue on

And strive to be even more bold

With an eye for poetry

And writing words

As valuable as gold

And not always sold

Write until I have nothing left

Write and write more

Until my very last breath

Poetry is my very own symphony

And directing it with the pen

Just being there until the very end

Always accepting the challenge

Without a dare

And right here is where

You will find me


Where writing comes alive

Writings By MCM


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